Your Suwanee awning does more than just keep you in the shade.

The Advantages of Your Suwanee Awning or Canopy

Most people think an awning or canopy in Suwanee is more about decoration that function, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When created and installed by professionals like the team at Awning Builders Llc, your awning will provide much more than just a little shady spot for you to relax.

Studies have shown that top quality Awning Builders Llc awnings actually decrease the heat in your home or business, leading to lower utility bills, and a better level of comfort. In some cases, a single awning can stop up to 77% of the sun’s heat from reaching your Suwanee building’s interior.

In addition, blocking out the light can also have a number of effects that often go unrealized. Carpet, flooring, and furniture can all fade with direct exposure to the sun, but your Suwanee awning will keep you protected at all times, thus reducing the need to replace these items. During an initial visit, a member of the Awning Builders Llc team will identify the best placement of your awning for maximum protection and heat reduction.

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