Everything you need to stay cool in Bay St. Louis during the summer.

Bay St. Louis Sun Shade Awnings and Patio Enclosures

In July and August, temperatures in Bay St. Louis can swell to unbearable levels. While most people choose to stay inside with the comfort of air conditioning, that can be a costly option. At Awning Builders Llc, we develop and build custom awnings, patio enclosures, canopies, and other sun shades meant to keep you cool even during harsh summer weather and reduce high A/C bills.

Every Awning Builders Llc job in Bay St. Louis starts with a free visit to your home to evaluate the sun shade needed. We’ll present you with a number of options, including awnings to reduce direct sunlight inside your home, retractable awnings to make your deck usable, or a full patio enclosure for the best protection against the heat.

Staying in the shade may be the obvious benefit of Awning Builders Llc awnings and other sun shades in Bay St. Louis, but there’s also a hidden advantage as well. By lowering the amount of sunlight that enters your home, you’ll notice the difference on your monthly utility bill as your A/C has less work to do to keep your space cool.

Energy-saving, attractive Awning Builders Llc awnings are more affordable than you think. Dial 1-844-929-6464 to learn about your sun shade options in Bay St. Louis.